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The 10 Best Tacos in America

What's the best taco you've ever sunk your teeth into? Was it in Mexico? Los Angeles? San Diego? Your hometown? Or in your own kitchen? Or perhaps you are one of the many pilgrims still in search of your perfect taco. "Balance, depth of flavor, and the ineffable taste of home-that's what I want in my taco," proclaims Edmund Tijerina of the San Antonio Express-News. The first time he tried tacos al pastor was in Mexico City more than a decade ago. READ MORE

Guajillo's Mexican Restaurant is located in San Antonio, Texas at 1001 NW Loop 410 (78213), in the heart of Tex-Mex cuisine land. The eatery gives the local San Antonian an option different than the widely popular Texan  twist on Mexican food that is commonly served around town. Traveling around the ninth largest city in the United States, the Hispanic culture is very prevalent, and it shows in Tex-Mex restaurants that are dime a dozen anywhere in this town. While some maybe excellent and others not some much, some San Antonians crave a more traditional type of Mexican food, one not influenced by the Texas land, but straight from Mexico.
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"This is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in San Antonio! Don't go looking for overly cheesy, border style Tex Mex offerings here. Even their salsa and refried beans are lighter, zestier than anywhere else in town. Chips are served with an order of limes. This is MEXICAN food, as in from the interior of Mexico. Lunch specials come with LARGE bowls of either a dark, roasted Tortilla soup (no chicken, thank goodness) or traditional Fideo. Their meaty picadillo tostadas offer a hint of cinnamon and queso fresco and queso blanco. Their chuletas are served Mexico City style, open face on top of several homemade corn tortillas. My nightime favorite is the Cochinita Pibil, seasoned pork served with a side of spicy, pickled onions. (This is the dish Johnny Depp's character is searching for in the film "Once Upon A Time in Mexico") For dessert Guajillo's flan is thick and heavy with no air bubbles like some eateries."
"TWO THUMBS UP!: If they have Sopa de Fideo in their menu, you know is authentic! The best "authentic" mexican restaurant in San Antonio, bar-none. Great flavors, Great service."
"Best place on the northside to get food like they make down in central mexico. I don't know anywhere else in town that you can get albondigas (mexican meatballs) that are as good as my wife's mom makes. This is a good place to meet with friends for some relatively cheap eats and cold beer. "
"I recently went to Guajillo's with my fiance.  It sounds cliche, but it was refreshing to have some "real" Mexican food in Texas without the TexMex.  The food was outstanding and the service was great as well.   I loved the Tortilla soup and the quesadillas were a steal."
"The salsa they bring with the chips is to DIE for. (Definitely recommend to add a little lime, also provided.) Every single dish I've ever tried - or anyone in my party has tried - is exceedingly delicious and most are pretty unique. If you've ever driven by and thought "I wonder if it's any good?" do yourself a favor and STOP IN! So, so good. "
"Stumbled upon this restaurant by accident one day and let me tell you, I did NOT want to leave, by far the best food in San Antonio and it beats anything I have ever had in Austin as well!!!! Very affordable and the service was amazing!!"

"Amazing food - no matter what you order, you can't go wrong! Best Tortilla Soup!!!"

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